Design DE-Tag

Custom made full colour print name badge.
Max Size: 85 x 55mm

Brooch (Complimentary)

Brooch Fitting

Durable metal pin with adhesive back

Combination Clip (RM3)

Combination Clip Fitting

The true swiss army knife of the fitting world, the combi clip has both a standard safety pin fitting merged with a durable and secure alligator grip.

Magnet (RM5)

Magnet Fitting

Designed to eliminate any damage to your shirt or clothing and to attach to almost anywhere, the magnetic fitting is the quick and easy fitting for your badge.

Prestige Name Badge
Prestige Name Badge Colour

Badge Colours

Quantity W/O GST W/ GST
1 - 10 RM20.00 RM21.20
11 - 50 RM19.50 RM20.67
51 - 100 RM19.00 RM20.14
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Design DE-Tag

 RM19.00 - RM20.00 
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